Isabelle Lutter

Isabelle Lutter is a singer and songwriter from Saint Paul Minnesota. Based in Chicago IL, and The Twin Cities, MN.

Isabelle released her first 2 singles, followed by her first studio album 'Volume i'  in 2018.

Isabelle began recording when she was 16. She has written all of her songs herself, as well as co-produced them with business partner Jose Rodriguez of Vivivybes.

Since the release of her album, Isabelle has released 3 new singles, and is currently attending Columbia College Chicago studying Musical Theatre with a vocal performance focus. Isabelle now attends Columbia College in Chicago Illinois, as a freshman majoring in contemporary and pop vocal performance.


Isabelle has always known that she was meant to be a performer. She recalls writing her first songs around the age of 8, which was also when she started training her voice in private vocal lessons. 

Isabelle found herself through music, art, and theatre at a very young age. She always loved to perform for anyone willing to watch and listen. 

She has performed with numerous groups such as School of Rock St. Paul, Berklee College of music summer programs, and even opened for artists like Parson James.





Saint Paul, Minnesota
Singer, Songwriter, Actress, Model